Accessibility for All

At Siteimprove, we know that web accessibility is about giving every person access to the information they want and need from your website. As a growing amount of legislation around the world requires organizations to follow a unified set of accessibility guidelines, we provide the resources you need to create an inclusive digital presence.

Image of Siteimprove's Accessibility feature that gives a comprehensive summary of all WCAG 2.0 issues detected

Assess Your Accessibility Status

Using global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) as its standard, Siteimprove Accessibility gives you a bird's eye view of your website’s accessibility status. By thoroughly scanning web pages and PDFs, we highlight single page elements such as missing headings and images without alternative text that greatly affect accessibility and usability.

Image of Siteimprove's Accessibility feature that lists and describes detected web accessibility issues and provides recommendations how to fix these issues 

Resolve Web Accessibility Issues

Clear explanations of issues combined with practical recommendations do more than speed the fixing process—they make web accessibility understandable. Specific issues are highlighted directly on the page, so you know exactly what you’re fixing and why. 




Image of Siteimprove's Accessibility progress bar that allows users to track improvements with ease

Track Progress Toward Compliance

Achieving accessibility compliance is a continuous process, not a one-off project. As you tackle more WCAG 2.0 issues, it's important to monitor improvements over time. With Siteimprove's dynamic progress bars you and your team can easily observe and celebrate achievements along the way.

Image of Siteimprove's Accessibility task delegation feature that allows to drive accountability among team members

Delegate and Coordinate Tasks

It takes a team to create an accessible website. Tackle the most severe issues in the quickest way possible by distributing prioritized tasks among team members including Web Editors, Developers, and more.