Customer Testimonials

We love hearing from the people who know us best. Read what our customers think about the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform and how it’s transformed the way they manage and deliver their digital presence.

We’ve had lots of interaction with Siteimprove Support, both from a strategic perspective and a change management perspective. Always responsive. The people that I meet with understand what I’m trying to achieve.

Photo of Clinton Gary Clinton GaryChief Marketing Officer at Arnall Golden Gregory

Key Metrics gives our team insight into how our website performs over time and makes it easy to relate to the numbers. It transforms numbers into knowledge, as opposed to quickly forgotten data.

Photo of Bjørn Anders Gislerud Bjørn Anders GislerudProject Manager at Landkreditt Bank

Siteimprove has been surprisingly fun to use! It’s so satisfying to use a program that provides you with instant feedback. It’s like I have a to-do list that’s constantly being checked off.

Photo of Anne Cron Anne CronCommunity Outreach Facilitator at Birmingham Public School District

Key Metrics helps us look at specific activities that matter to our bottom line – for instance, we can better track the performance and ROI for paid campaigns, which leads to better strategy and wiser spending.

Photo of Natalie Carr Natalie CarrMarketing Communication Coordinator at Bowman and Brooke LLP

We use Key Metrics to measure and visualize the success of our online efforts. The insight provided by Siteimprove Analytics facilitates dialogue across teams, which helps us continuously deliver a better service.

Photo of Søren Top-Nørgaard Søren Top-NørgaardProject Manager at Hørsholm Municipality

Siteimprove has little details that make the experience a lot more pleasant. The overall experience with Siteimprove is higher quality than we’ve seen with other tools.

Photo of Thomas Tsai Thomas TsaiWeb Developer at Neudesic

From the demo, to onboarding to ongoing support, working with the Siteimprove team has been a fantastic experience.

Photo of Erin Brownlow Erin BrownlowAssistant Vice President & Sales Manager at Busey Bank

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