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My organization's marketing tech stack is connected with a clear understanding of how they communicate
My organization does most of its tasks manually
My organization has several areas of expertise, but they are siloed
My organization is proactive in our planning, website updates, and redesigns
My organization plans ahead for changes to digital efforts
My organization has a holistic understanding of our website and how it affects all channels of business
My organization is highly adept at leveraging data for insights, outcomes, and growing our business

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Looks like you are putting out fires left and right! Sure makes for a long work week. Imagine if you could get time back and focus on moving your organization forward instead of reacting to needs. Check out these recommendations for quick, automated insights to help you drive results.

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You've got the tools and the team, but are they working together? Each tool requires time and attention to get the most out of it. With multiple people owning multiple siloed areas, it becomes difficult to pull insights that help push your organization forward in a meaningful way. Learn how to set growth standards and empower your team.

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You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are starting to automate your marketing efforts, but there are still plenty of manual, reactive efforts. Your team is a fine-tuned machine, but having the ability to automate more processes would give you more time back in your day to focus on what matters. Check out a content performance report to see where you can automate tedious tasks.

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You’ve connected the dots and are adopting a proactive process. Your data isn’t siloed, and most of your efforts are put towards future planning and execution. This is great but there is still room to make these proactive processes more automated. Check out these tools to find areas where you can be more proactive.

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Congratulations! Your organization is optimized! You’ve got your data out of the silos, and you are being proactive in your planning—and even have it embedded in your core strategy. It’s not easy getting to the top, so let's make it easier to stay there! Check out our Marketer’s Playbook to hear from industry experts on a few tips as you head into 2020!

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