Three things your website personalisation strategy is missing

Jun 3 — Online

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Imagine providing a great digital experience for each customer.

In 2021, customers expect a personalised experience no matter where they find your brand online. And your website is the foundation of that experience.

Whether you’re creating personalised product pages, content, banners, or other interactive elements — there are can’t miss opportunities that impact how web pages should look and work for each type of customer.

After surveying brands large and small across industries – we’ve identified 3 things you just can’t forget about when building a web personalisation program:

· Page Speed: Creating web pages that load and interact seamlessly.
· Content Quality: Building error-free landing pages that move people along the customer journey.
· Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Connecting the intent of your customers from search to the content of your website.

Join Siteimprove as we unwrap 3 things that can help make your web personalisation program a success!