Web analytics software for your website

Last updated: 2019-10-10 —

A Web analytics software gives you an insight into the performance of your website through data, which you can use for optimization purposes and to encourage visitors to purchase or engage with your services. In a nutshell, you can access the statistics software for various reasons. For instance, to understand how your visitors come to you, who are they, how they take different actions on your site, which content is performing well, and to look into conversions.

Find out how your visitors come to your website

There can be many ways from where a visitor can come to your site. For example, it can be a random article featuring your company name and a link to your website. Or, someone may visit your platform from a social media post shared by his or her friend or acquaintance. You need to identify all these channels and the sources of traffic so that you can design your marketing campaigns and refine them accordingly. For all this work and guidance, you need analytics.

Know your visitors

For a new business or a startup, it can be a challenge to understand and identify potential customers. However, if you have this knowledge, you can target them in an organized manner. Similarly, a well-known brand would want to keep track of their visitors to remove all the distractions that can hinder their interaction. So, in that scenario also, the significance of statistics is difficult to overlook. It can tell you about their gender, age group, location, and interest and hobby. Besides, you can also refer to it to know which browser and device your users depend on the most. Having all this information can be useful and vital as you can make your website more user-friendly for that particular browser or device.

Track user activities on the website

After you have figured out your visitors and the source from where they come, you need to know what they do on your site. It reveals about their behavior. For example, if visitors check the pricing page after the landing page, it means your audience is price-sensitive. To attract them or to convert them, you can devise specific strategies around free trials so that they commit a purchase.

Identify well-performing content

You might be doing a lot of things to bring results. But the fact is only 20% of all your endeavors are likely to yield 80% of the results. It is relevant to your content also. You can include the most searched terms and phrases in your content all over your assets, publish high-quality articles and blogs, and so on. All these efforts don't change the truth that only some of them are going to do well. Now, the question is – how do you know which article is a hit and getting you a large portion of the traffic?

One way of doing it is that you check your social media posts for the number of comments and share they garnered and assume them to be the top content. However, it’s not a full-proof process. Also, it can be tiring to scroll through all the updates and compare them. For accuracy, you need to have a system in place, such as Siteimprove Analytics.

After all, only spotting the best content is not enough. You have to do a lot of work around it to optimize and strategize ahead. For example, you need to discover patterns so that you can modify your content development and marketing efforts. Besides, you would also want to see how you can use that high-performance content more.

Keep a tab on conversions

Another reason why analytics is critical for your website business is that it helps you to check conversions. A successful website is one which gets high website traffic and conversion rate. So, when you measure your sales, you understand what more you can do with your site and take the numbers even higher.

This entire process is a journey in itself, and Siteimprove Analytics can become your trusted companion. Since there can be the involvement of different groups of people for different parts, you can use this tool to democratize data. It can help everyone have a fair assessment of their contribution. To make sure you make the most of your analytics software, do set clear objectives for each activity, use custom KPI dashboards, and apply filters.

Your website is the face of your online presence. Maintaining it in good health and keeping it active is your duty. If you check its progress and activity daily, you can avoid many unnecessary hassles. And for that, investing in a reliable web analytics tool is a must.