Web accessibility for local councils | Australia and New Zealand

Apr 21 — Online


Today’s citizens expect government websites to provide access to important information and resources. Yet, for 20% of citizens in ANZ experiencing some sort of disability, many of these websites don’t go far enough. If users are unable to navigate your website, it becomes impossible for them to engage with many of the time-saving services and tools you offer. By failing to make your website accessible, you may also be in breach of existing accessibility regulations.

Join Jennifer Chadwick, Siteimprove's Lead Accessibility Strategist, on April 21st for the live webinar.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What is web accessibility & why is it important for councils?
  • What are the web accessibility requirements? Does my organisation need to comply?
  • Understand the role you play in creating an inclusive digital presence
  • Best practices and tips for designers, developers, marketing and project managers
  • How to get started with your 2021 strategy