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Create Accessible Web Content for Every Visitor

Having an accessible website is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a must-have for every brand. Visitors now expect websites to meet universal design principles, meaning websites should be usable by everyone, regardless of disabilities. But creating a fully accessible website is difficult when you don’t have visibility into all of your pages, links, media files, PDFs, or content. With Siteimprove, see all your web assets, so you can fix accessibility issues quickly. Accessibility issues damage your brand, alienate people with disabilities, kill conversions, and compromise your reputation.

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Break down accessibility issues into prioritised, manageable tasks

With Siteimprove, you can prioritise issues based on responsibility, conformance level, and severity, so you can efficiently remove accessibility barriers that affect the way users interact with your brand. You don’t have to be an accessibility expert to get started— we pinpoint issues via on-page and in-code highlights. With our integrations, you can jump right into your CMS and fix the issue right away.

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Save time by automating the bulk of accessibility testing

Siteimprove’s automated testing helps your organisation be more efficient by testing things like form fields, colour combinations, and PDF accessibility. Issues are broken down into manageable tasks that can be filtered by role or responsibilities for quicker delegation and clear ownership, which ultimately saves you time in your conformance process.

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Track and report progress towards accessibility compliance

Use historical graphs as proof that your organisation is progressing towards conformity. Industry benchmarks show you optimal performance levels for your organisation across all areas of your website. The Siteimprove DCI™ score, customisable dashboards, and automated reports give you and your team an easy way to measure progress along the way.

Automated Accessibility Checks

Siteimprove provides automated testing that strictly adheres to WCAG standards, so you can spot issues and errors across all conformance levels. Automated testing allows you to simultaneously audit hundreds of thousands of pages across dozens of sites, so you can prioritise parts of your website that need attention. Run automated accessibility tests on your PDFs. See which pages problematic PDFs live on and how many page views they receive, so you can prioritise issues.

Learn more about  PDF accessibility checking.

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Guidance and Practical Recommendations

You don’t have to be an expert to understand accessibility guidelines. Siteimprove helps ensure your users have access to the information they need, creating an inclusive brand experience. Get clear explanations of issues, advice on how to resolve them, and references to official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines techniques. We turn accessibility standards into relevant and actionable to-dos.

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Task Categorisation

Drill down into accessibility issues by filtering on roles—like Editor or Developer, which assigns clear ownership and speeds up issue resolution. Once issues are assigned to the appropriate person, tasks can easily be prioritised by using Siteimprove’s unique DCI Score, severity, or conformance levels.

Screenshot showing accessibility issues filtered by the "Editor" role, with options to filer by Webmaster and Developer

Issue Highlighting

Use the Page Report to see accessibility issues highlighted directly on your web page or within your source code so you don’t waste time scrolling to locate the problem. With CMS deeplinking, you can go directly from an issue in Siteimprove to the corresponding page in your CMS to fix the problem. Or, use a CMS integration to see accessibility issues as you create and edit content from within your CMS. Page reports also allow you to cross-check for other quality problems such as broken links, spelling mistakes, or SEO issues at the same time, which also can negatively impact your visitor’s experience.

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Progress Monitoring

Stay on top of accessibility issues and document your progress towards accessibility conformance. Zoom in on the most crucial issues and keep an eye on individual page progress until issues on relevant pages are resolved. Create custom dashboards and automated reports to share progress with other teams and stakeholders.

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