Monitor and Protect Personal Data With Siteimprove GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new directive that governs data privacy and how the personal information of EU citizens is processed and protected—including the data that lives on your website.

Siteimprove’s GDPR module monitors your digital presence for personal data and alerts you to its presence, saving you time and lowering the risk of compliance issues.

GDPR and Your Website

GDPR introduces more stringent privacy rules that require any organization handling the data of EU citizens to process and protect it appropriately—whether they are based within or outside the EU. If you offer goods and services to, or track the behavior of EU citizens, the GDPR applies to you. With the compliance deadline of 25 May 2018 fast approaching, and significant fines looming for organizations that fail to comply, it’s time to get serious about protecting personal data on your website.

How Siteimprove GDPR Can Help

Siteimprove’s GDPR module continuously monitors your digital presence and provides a full inventory of the personal data it discovers, saving you time and manual effort, while lowering your risk for legal consequences. With Siteimprove, you can:

Continuously audit digital assets to gain a bird’s-eye view of personal data on your website.

Scan your website for names, email addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers, and more.

Identify all IP addresses and domains so you know exactly where your organization handles data online.

Minimize risk by implementing GDPR-specific policies integrated directly from the Policy Library.

GDPR Roadmap

It’s a long road to GDPR compliance, and we’ll keep striving to help you get there. Take a look at our GDPR Product Roadmap to see what’s coming next.

Meta Data Extraction from Documents and Images

Extract meta data from PDFs, Word documents, and images and identify personal data within them.

Personal Data Hub for All Domains

See personal data across all domains and websites in one spot as opposed to by individual site.

Additional GDPR Policies

Receive more GDPR-specific policies as we learn from our customers how they utilize policies to monitor content on their websites and work towards GDPR compliance.

Activity Log

An activity log provides transparency by detailing how Siteimprove users work within the GDPR module.

Ready to kickstart your GDPR compliance?

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