Explore A-to-B User Journeys

Imagine the day your content and design work together so seamlessly that every visitor gets the information they came for in the first place. With Siteimprove User Journeys, that day is here: you and your team can now make confident, informed decisions about the structure and layout of your website.

Image of Siteimprove's User Journeys showing an exemplary visitor route

Follow Your Visitors' Paths

To fully understand your visitors, you need to walk a mile in their shoes. Choose a start and end point to analyze A-to-B user journeys and portray every action that's been taken along the way. Are visitors accomplishing what they came for? Are they getting distracted? Where do they bounce off? Now you have the answers.

Image of Siteimprove's User Journeys showing an exemplary visitor route

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Visitors might not always take the route you paved for them; sometimes they might not get close at all. By uncovering flaws in the user journey, you can eliminate inefficiencies and create a user experience that not only keeps visitors engaged but leads them to key pieces of content.

Image of Siteimprove's User Journeys in combination with Behavior Tracking

Analyze From a New Angle

User Journeys are a crucial part of the equation to understand how visitors interact with your digital assets. When you combine this powerful knowledge with our in-depth Behavior Tracking and visually appealing Behavior Maps, you'll develop a brand new perspective on your digital presence and the way people use it.

Image of Siteimprove's User Journeys that shows how to share insights

Share Insights Easily

Add User Journeys to custom report templates, or export them as a PDF and CSV file to collaborate cross-functionally with all kinds of stakeholders. Shared visibility drives organizational alignment and results in a digital presence that genuinely satisfies your visitors.