Measure Digital Success With Key Metrics

While visits and page views are nice to report on, they don’t necessarily prove that your website supports your organization’s objectives. Siteimprove Key Metrics combines actionable insights with an intuitive interface so you can easily identify, track, and optimize what really matters to your organization.

Image of Siteimprove's Key Metrics feature that shows how a new KPI is created

Align Data, Objectives, & Strategy

Instead of reporting on generic data, Key Metrics helps you define worthwhile triggers that support you in reaching concrete targets. By summarizing these individual triggers into KPIs, such as lead generation, you can easily track success and progress and report to management with ease. That way you make sure your digital efforts are closely aligned to overall objectives.

Image of Siteimprove's Key Metrics summary that gives an immediate overview of the current website performance

Identify Room for Improvement

The Key Metrics dashboard gives you an immediate overview of how your digital presence is performing. See what’s going well and where you're at risk of failing to meet your targets. In case you identify performance gaps, you can then take appropriate actions to reach your objectives with certainty.

Image of Siteimprove's Key Metrics feature including attached monetary values

Prove Website Value to Stakeholders

Key Metrics provides you with data that can show the true value of your digital presence and how it contributes to your organization's success. By attaching monetary values to each action on your website, you give stakeholders concrete, quantifiable information connected to overall business objectives.

Image of Siteimprove's Key Metrics feature showing website performance details over time

Calculate Performance Retroactively

Using Key Metrics, you can establish historical benchmarks by retroactively calculating all data you’ve collected in Siteimprove Analytics. This gives your team an in-depth view of website performance over time, allowing you to analyze what worked, what didn’t work, and what you can do to improve future performance. Add or remove key metrics as your organization’s needs and objectives change and see relevant results immediately.