Understand Your Conversion Process

No matter the purpose of your organization’s digital presence, you need to comprehend the key steps visitors take on your website and the pain points that may cause them to lose interest. Siteimprove Funnels enables you to define a sequence of steps visitors should ideally take, identify roadblocks along that path, learn which visitors are most likely to convert, and ultimately increase the impact of your digital presence.

Screenshot of Alternative Routes

Identify Digital Pain Points

Do visitors leave your website before reaching the page you want them to see? Determine exactly which pages might distract or confuse visitors as they navigate your digital presence. Funnels lets you instantly localize where visitors deviate from a certain path, allowing you to dig deeper and see which actions they take instead.

Screenshot of Conversion Rate Graphs

Take Action to Increase Conversions

The goals for your digital presence almost certainly include collecting information, receiving payments, or some other form of interaction from your visitors. Once you’ve isolated problem pages using Funnels, you can take action by implementing changes that lead to better conversion rates, higher revenue, and increased customer retention.

Screenshot of Segmentation Tool

Discover Your Most Valuable Visitors

Visitors may enter your defined funnels from a number of different sources. Pair Funnels with Behavior Maps to segment visitors by referral source and learn who is most likely to convert, where they came from, and how long it takes them to navigate your digital presence. With these insights, you can adjust content and layout to more effectively lead targeted visitors to conversion.

Screenshot of Behavior Summary

Develop New Perspectives on Behavior

Siteimprove Funnels monitors conversion rates over time to indicate the impact even minor changes might have on your digital performance. Combined with other features of the Analytics Suite, Funnels also allows you to discover new paths to conversion and paint a clearer picture of your visitors' behavior overall.