Visualize Performance With Behavior Maps

Piles of data can be overwhelming to interpret and even harder to explain to others. Based on click coordinates, finger tracking, and scrolling patterns, Siteimprove Behavior Maps simplify the process through tangible representations of every action a visitor takes on your website.

Image of Siteimprove's Behavior Maps feature showing an exemplary Heat Map

Visually Track Visitor Behavior

Understand visitor journeys with the Heat Map, which aggregates all click coordinates or finger touches on a specific page. It maps visitor attention using colorful spots that range from dark to bright depending on the amount of activity. Quantify those visuals with the Click Map, a graphical overlay that provides performance details of each interactive page element.

Image of Siteimprove's Behavior Maps feature showing an exemplary Scroll Map

Implement Data-Driven Design

The Heat Map can reveal important design imperfections. For instance, if visitors continue to click unlinked images on a page, this can help you craft a more intuitive experience going forward. Meanwhile, the Scroll Map shows you how far visitors scroll on particular webpages, helping your team evaluate copy-heavy pages and determine the best place to share critical information.

Image of Siteimprove's Behavior Maps feature showing an exemplary Segmentation Map

Target Visitor Groups More Efficiently

The Segmentation Map allows you to compare click patterns of different visitor groups by painting a detailed picture of their preferences and clicking habits. Take this information to craft relatable content and engaging campaigns for any visitor segment.

Image of Siteimprove's Funnels feature showing details about alternative routes taken by visitors

Report to Stakeholders with Ease

Explaining analytics data to stakeholders can be complicated. Simplify your analytics reporting by sharing Behavior Maps to help them comprehend how visitors interact with your website. They will thank you for it.