Simply tracking data isn’t enough for modern marketers. Explore a smarter way to manage campaigns and measure success: plan, monitor, and analyze all your marketing initiatives from start to finish with Siteimprove Analytics.

Screenshot of the traffic segment overview of an exemplary campaign detailing which source/medium drives traffic and conversion

Know Exactly What Drives Traffic and Conversion

Understand how effective your marketing campaigns bring visitors to your site, how engaged they are, and how well they convert. See at a glance what’s workings in your inbound strategy and identify the most successful channels and content pieces. With a few clicks, you can compare campaigns and make smarter decisions on where to focus your resources in the future. This way, you stop wasting time and money on initiatives that don't pay off and can double down on tactics and channels that do.

Screenshot of the Campaign Comparison functionality highlighting three campaigns and their respective ROI and conversion performance.

Always Stay on Top of Campaign Plans and Performance

Easily identify top-performing campaigns and those that do not bring a positive return on investment. With the most important business metrics at your fingertips, you can assess performance on the fly and know where to focus your efforts without time-consuming data crunching. Your personal Campaign Calendar helps you plan ahead to coordinate all your marketing initiatives. With this high-level overview, your team can also minimize the risk of running too many campaigns or targeting the same audience at once.

Screenshot of the UTM link builder that allows to create multiple UTM links at once

Beat the Spreadsheet Chaos and Avoid Reporting Errors

Say goodbye to inconsistent UTM parameters and the cumbersome process of filling out messy spreadsheets. With one click, build multiple UTM links; with another, shorten them for clean, easy sharing. Automated checks keep your naming conventions consistent and prevent common mistakes that undermine data quality. Set up your own UTM presets to build links more quickly and minimize the risk of incomplete data that might misrepresent the results of your hard work.

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