Siteimprove Announces Immediate Acquisition of Consultancy Firm, Marketing Lion

By Siteimprove

4 27 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark – April 27, 2017 – Denmark-based SaaS company Siteimprove is proud to announce the acqui-hiring of the local consultancy firm Marketing Lion. This acquirement is a great success for all parties involved, particularly Siteimprove, whose product development team looks forward to benefiting from the internal expertise of the company’s talent.

Marketing Lion founders Kamran Jamshidi and Kristian Humle Lauritsen worked for Siteimprove on a consultancy basis since November 2016. During this time it became apparent to Siteimprove Founder and CEO Morten Ebbesen that they had a wealth of knowledge to bring to Siteimprove.

“I was extremely impressed with their expertise, particularly their knowledge of how to work with partners and large enterprise companies, which is a market area we at Siteimprove are continuing to aggressively pursue. That being said, we have no plans to move into offering consultancy work,” said Morten Ebbesen.

Effective immediately, Kamran Jamshidi and Kristian Humle Lauritsen, along with five of their previous Marketing Lion employees, have joined the company. Kamran and Kristian have both been announced as Directors of Product Development, while the other employees have joined various departments within the company.

Following the acquisition, Marketing Lion will fulfill current commitments and once fully delivered, discontinue consulting services.

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