Siteimprove Releases New Website Content Policy Enforcement Features

By Siteimprove

5 07 2014

UK_QA_6_Content_PolicySiteimprove announced the release of new website branding enforcement features, enabling website managers to enforce organizational content policies on their website.

“Siteimprove’s Policy tracks customized policies for words and phrases, flagging incorrect usage. This enables website managers to set branding policies and enforce them across the entire website without lifting a finger,” said Torben Rytt, CEO of Siteimprove. “Once the policies are set, automated website checks catch issues and present them to the responsible editors, along with an overview to the website manager.”

Policy is especially useful for updating large websites after a change, such as an organization changing its name or tagline, or the addition or removal of important contacts.

“Before Policy, ‘XYZ Organization’ becoming ‘ABC Organization’ or changing contact information from ‘’ to ‘’ meant someone would have to comb through the entire website to manually find the outdated content,” said Rytt. “Policy locates every instance of the terms you set for it, and monitors them on an ongoing basis – so if someone mistakenly uses the old terms, you’ll know right away.”

Policy can also be used to track names, dates, phone numbers, and many other types of content.

“If you can write it in 500 characters, you can track it with Policy,” Rytt said. “This new feature grows the capabilities of our software exponentially.”

The new website Policy feature has been released to Siteimprove customers free of charge, as part of regularly-scheduled product updates to their Web Governance Suite services.

“We want all our customers to get the most from their Siteimprove services,” Rytt said. “That’s why we include free product updates and feature releases in our subscription services. We’re constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs, and they shouldn’t have to pay extra for that.”