Automating GDPR Web Compliance With Siteimprove Data Privacy

Last updated: 01/12/2020 — GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has changed the face of data privacy and data protection laws around the world. It tightens the rules on how organizations collect, process, and store the personal data of customers located in the EU, and has brought data privacy into an international spotlight.

Organizations have plenty to worry about in order to become compliant: how HR handles candidate and employee data, if tools and programs meet IT’s security standards, how well a DPO or privacy officer coordinates compliance efforts overall, and more. But one of the most overlooked parts of a GDPR compliance process tends to be an organization’s website. 

Do you have control over the data on your website?

If you’re like most organizations, you oversee more than one domain. It's easy to lose track of personal data and cookies on your sites, but in order to respond to “right to be forgotten” requests and report compliance efforts to authorities, you need a clear and organized overview of that data.

Siteimprove Data Privacy puts you back in control and gives you better visibility so you can truly protect privacy in this digital age by helping you:

  • Regain control of personal data on your website
  • Easily respect the right to be forgotten
  • Prove compliance efforts to authorities

As the tool evolves, features like the ones below help you automate the tedious and be well on your way to GDPR web compliance.

IP and Domain Map

Identify all domains and IP addresses that belong to your organization—including the ones you may have forgotten about.

Screenshot of Siteimprove Data Privacy's IP and Domain Map


Cookie Tracker

Automate the process of identifying your website's cookies and handling them in compliance with the law.

Screenshot of Siteimprove Data Privacy's Cookie Tracker feature


Universal Search

Instantly locate data across all HTML pages, documents, and meta data, and flag personal data for removal and ensure you’re alerted if it pops up again.


Screenshot of Siteimprove Data Privacy's Universal Search feature

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