Siteimprove Feedback

An easy way to gather important qualitative information about your website from visitors.

Siteimprove Feedback is a useful tool for you and your visitors. Visitors can provide direct feedback by leaving reviews or comments and you can implement their ideas to immediately improve your website.

Capture Visitors’ Ideas

Give customers an easy way to give feedback on your website, and easily see and utilize that feedback. This way you can ensure visitors’ ideas are taken into consideration moving forward or any time you make updates to your website.

Easy Setup

This simple, Plug-and-Play feature is easy to set up on your site. You can add one or multiple surveys to your site without the need for a pricy consultant.

Qualitative Feedback

Feedback adds a qualitative dimension to your web analytics data. It's like having a conversation with your site's visitors. Comments such as "I can't find..." or "This isn't working," makes it easy to update or fix issues on your website.

Vital Feedback for a Website Redesign

Feedback provides an in-depth look into what information is or is not useful for your visitors. Use this information during a redesign to improve your new site and use it post launch for continuous improvement.

Feedback allows us to quickly see what works and what doesn’t when we continuously develop the website and correct errors.

Photo of Anja Flebbe Anja FlebbeWeb and Communications, Horsens Municipal, Denmark