Steve Hennigs Appointed to Legal Marketing Association Minnesota Chapter Board

By Siteimprove

févr. 06 2014

Image of Siteimprove employee Steve Hennings.Siteimprove’s Senior Product Specialist Steve Hennigs has been appointed as the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) MN chapter’s Membership Committee Chairperson.

“I’m thrilled to assume a more integral role in promoting the LMA MN Chapter as the premier legal marketing organization in the Twin Cities area,” said Hennigs. “The Legal Marketing Association has been good to me over the years, and this role allows me to give back to the legal community.”

Hennigs was hand-selected by chapter leadership for the role.

“The Legal Marketing Association (LMA), Minnesota Chapter is delighted to add Steve Hennigs’ enthusiasm along with his local and national experience to our Board for 2014,” said Barbara Brown, LMA MN Chapter President. “Steve was our first choice to lead the Membership Committee – this is a guy you can count on. He’s innovative, generous with his time and talent, and hardworking. We know he will make important achievements for LMA MN this year and beyond.”

As the LMA MN Chapter Chairperson, Hennigs plans to strengthen and diversify membership in order to broaden the wealth of knowledge and expertise available to chapter members.

“One of our major initiatives for 2014 is to continue to deepen the industry knowledge and diversity represented in our ranks, in order to continue to create the strongest networking and informational connections possible for our members,” said Hennigs.

Hennigs intends to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to improve the quality and consistency of communication to members.

“Implementing a CRM will allow the Minnesota Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association’s leadership to provide better value for our members,” Hennigs said. “Timely, consistent information is key to further developing the legal marketing industry, and this system will facilitate that.”

Hennigs is no stranger to the LMA MN Chapter, having served as a member of the LMA MN Communications Committee last year and a member since 2010.

“My longstanding relationship with the Legal Marketing Association provides me with a deep understanding of the issues and concerns of modern law firm marketing,” said Hennigs. “The new year brings a sharpened focus on addressing those needs, and equipping our members with the tools and relationships necessary to excel in an ever changing marketplace.”