Siteimprove Partners with Web Governance Expert, Shane Diffily

By Siteimprove

juin 03 2014

A diagram to depict people, processes, tools, budget, leadership, development, maintenance, and infrastructure.Siteimprove announced their partnership with Ireland-based web governance expert, Shane Diffily. The partnership will aim to further educate the marketplace on the benefits and best practices of web governance.

Web governance is the practice of managing your online and digital presence through organized systems, policies, and tools. Employing a properly structured web governance framework will lead to better organization, communication, and focus towards achieving your online goals.

Diffily is a published author and consultant with over 10 years of experience in the web governance field who has already created a six-part training course and certification program for Siteimprove. “Shane is extremely knowledgeable in his field, but his ability to communicate that knowledge with our audience in a clear and cohesive way is what made the opportunity to work with him a no-brainer,” said Siteimprove CEO, Torben Rytt.

Beyond the Training and Certification Program, Diffily will also be contributing a series of blogs and related webinars to help new and existing Siteimprove customers increase their knowledge of web governance best practices and how to apply them. The series will begin with an introduction to web governance basics, before moving on to topics that discuss how to manage your digital presence and how to organize your resources to keep pace with growing industries.

“For most organizations, the problem is one of two things. They either don’t realize that they have a problem and spend all of their time treading water, or they don’t have the proper resources and team structure to handle the workload,” said Diffily. “My goal is to provide them with the knowledge and the tools to properly manage their content and continue to grow their business.”

Shane will be hosting a webinar about the

Roles and Responsibilities on a Web Team on June 11, 2014 at 1:00pm CDT.

Those interested in attending this free webinar can register at