The integration between Siteimprove and SeoTools for Excel allow you to easily and automatically transfer your Siteimprove data to Excel, so you can track and analyze your website's performance.

SeoTools for Excel works as an add-on that offers an easy way of extracting data from different systems into Excel. It's used by professionals working with SEO and website analysis. The integration with Siteimprove makes it possible for you to easily import Siteimprove data directly into Excel so you can continuously monitor and improve your website's performance.

  • Transform your Siteimprove SEO and Analytics data into Excel format
  • Combine your Siteimprove data with data from other SeoTools for Excel applications

To use the Leadfeeder Connector you need an API Key. You can create and manage API keys from the Settings Panel in the Siteimprove platform. Here you can read how.