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London, United Kingdom

Web Accessibility Live Event London – Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard

Web Accessibility Live is an exclusive event about web accessibility that aims to educate, inspire, and instill a new perspective on accessibility and inclusion.

Siteimprove and Open Inclusion partner on a mission to make the web a better place for all. Get hands-on knowledge and inspiration about web accessibility, and how to get started. Learn more about the impact of EU regulations in the UK, and what effect they will have on your organization in the future. Gain perspective from persons with disabilities via speed dating and interactive activities.

Moderator Edward J Richards

Ed is Director of Cutting Edge Design and Founder and Director of bookONE. Originally he worked as an IT software programmer before moving to design. He has a passion for inclusion, and loves looking at issues and thinking about how to resolve them through design and technology.


Bruce Lawson is a Developer Advocate with thorough knowledge of the web industry and web standards. He is a Web Standards Consultant, current working with Wix Engineering on Stylable. He is a beloved speaker who has participated in more than 120 events in 22 countries. His interest in web standards is both philosophical and practical; his interest in accessibility is thinly-disguised self-interest, having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He lives in the UK, blogs, and has published ‘Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance’. He guides you through new and practical aspects of accessibility, giving you a different perspective of the web. He will challenge you, and maybe also shock you a little – which is not unusual for him to do.

Panel Debate The Future of Digital Accessibility

Moderator: Edward J Richards

  • Alistair Duggin, Head of Accessibility at GDS
  • David Caldwell, Digital Accessibility Manager at Barclays
  • Katherine Moonan, Accessibility Lead at Sainsbury's
  • Dr. Catherine Holloway, Academic Director of GDI Hub and Senior Lecturer at UCL
  • Professor Jonathan Hassell, Accessibility Director at Open Inclusion

Speaking Sessions

Usability, Inclusive Design, and Data – Bryn Anderson, Siteimprove Digital Inclusion Consultant

Gaining Great Insights with Data and People – Tom Pokinko, Open Inclusion Research Director, and Christine Hemphill, Open Inclusion Managing Director

Speed dating and interactive activities

Gain perspective from persons with disabilities as you speed date with them and join in 5 different interactive inclusion activities, including VR experiences.There will be 8 speed daters, and you will visit with 6 of them at random.


09:30-10:00 Registration and light breakfast

10:00-10:05 Welcome by Siteimprove and Open Inclusion

10:05-10:10 Introduction by Edward J Richards

10:10-10:45 Keynote by Bruce Lawson

10:45-11:20 Usability, Inclusive Design, and Data – Bryn Anderson

11:20-12:20 Speed dating by Open Inclusion

12:20-13:00 Lunch, activities and networking

13:00-14:20 Panel: The future of digital accessibility – Alistair Duggin, David Caldwell, Katherine Moonan, Dr. Catherine Holloway, Professor Jonathan Hassell

14:20-15:00 Gaining Great Insights with Data and People – Tom Pokinko and Christine Hemphill

15:00-16:00 Coffee break, activities and networking

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Jan 1 1, 00:00 - 00:00


Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard

31 St Thomas Street
SE1 9QU London, United Kingdom


Web Accessibility



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