Siteimprove partners with Denmark’s leading web accessibility consultants

By Siteimprove

may. 19 2016

COPENHAGEN, MAY 19, 2016 – In recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2016, Siteimprove is today proud to announce a partnership with Diversa, a Danish digital accessibility consultancy firm. This collaboration allows Siteimprove’s Danish users to draw upon Diversa’s unmatched skills and expertise of helping organizations improve their website accessibility.

Automatic checks and personal experience

Diversa’s vision is to make the digital world accessible to all regardless of abilities. The firm is founded by Lars Holm Sørensen and Christina Nahnsen, both of whom have impaired vision and therefore know from personal experience how poor web accessibility can have an excluding effect.

“By combining Siteimprove’s automated web accessibility reports with Diversa’s many years of experience advising companies and organizations, digital accessibility suddenly becomes much more surmountable,” said Anne-Marie Feilberg, Siteimprove Director of Sales for the Nordic countries.

Like Siteimprove’s Accessibility tool, Diversa’s work is based on the WCAG 2.0 global web accessibility guidelines. They however also utilize their own first-hand experiences, making them capable of advising which solutions work best in practice.

“Siteimprove’s tool is great for automatic checks in regards to complying with large parts of WCAG, but web accessibility also requires manual testing, which is why the combination of our services is invaluable,” said Lars Holm Sørensen.

“Furthermore, we also offer consultancy to web teams that are about to build a new site, so that they can consider accessibility up front and not wait until they are being made aware of potential issues afterwards,” Sørensen said.