Siteimprove Announces Release of New Analytics Features and Updates

By Siteimprove

sep. 08 2015

Siteimprove's Analytics tool icon with an update sticker on it. After several updates to the whole suite of web governance tools, Siteimprove is thrilled to announce the release of the new and improved Analytics. Siteimprove Analytics provides a wealth of information on website visitors in a user-friendly dashboard that is easy to organize, analyze, and understand.

As a part of Siteimprove’s passion for customer success, these new Analytics features are based on customer input – 30 ideas from a customer-focused idea forum were implemented as a part of the release to improve the overall functionality and usability of the tool for web teams.

“We care about providing the best experience possible for our customers so they can provide the best website experience for their customers,” said Kate Sygrove, Siteimprove Director of Services. “These changes stem directly from our customers, who use our tools on a daily basis and know best what changes would make the biggest impact.”

The new Analytics has several enhancements that make the overall experience better with clearer and more accessible data. The user journeys now have a focus on A to B user journeys, so a team member can choose a starting and ending page to better understand a website visitor’s journey through the website. It is easier to export data from the front page, and a new feature called Analytics “Inspector” allows teams to see information for specific pages in the same layout as the whole site. Other enhancements include easy viewing of data over crucial time periods (quarter, last week, etc.), average visit length and visit duration during a period, number of events per visit, and number of pages with events.

Ideal for web teams of various sizes across many industries, Siteimprove Analytics provides an overall view into website visitors’ journeys and their actions to help web teams make important marketing decisions and create an effective content strategy. And just like before, Siteimprove Analytics, unlike free analytics tools, never shares data or information, and comes with unlimited training and support at no extra cost.

“We hope the new Analytics enhancements empower our customers to make important decisions and report to stakeholders with ease,” said Steve Hennigs, Siteimprove Vice President of Customer Success. “Our customer success team is available at no extra cost to take calls or answer emails on our Analytics tool.”