Most SOCITM 2015 4-Star Winners are Siteimprove Customers

By Siteimprove

mar. 05 2015

SOCITM logo. Coincidence? We think not! This year, 18 of the 29 four star council websites surveyed by Socitm ‘Better Connected’ were Siteimprove Customers.

At Siteimprove we want to help councils by ensuring that every user who visits a website is able to complete all of their essential top tasks and successfully complete their digital journey. We do this by assisting councils in avoiding broken links that may harm those making the step towards channel shift, and by ensuring all users are able to use sites as intended.

We do this with our Siteimprove Web Governance Suite, which comprises of five smart website management tools in one easy to use package and dashboard.


To get an idea of how we could help your council, get in contact with us and we’ll give you a no strings attached free overview of how your site is performing.