You Can Call Us Web Idol 2014!

By Siteimprove

nov. 12 2014

The Siteimprove team posing with a trophy.10 November 2014 – For the second year in a row, Siteimprove participated in the annual J. Boye conference, with the theme "Networked Knowledge in Action," and returned from Aarhus with the J. Boye Web Idol title!

It was Jessica’s captive speech about our Siteimprove Accessibility tool that secured the Web Idol 2014 title –

have a look at her presentation here. Siteimprove was chosen alongside Hippo, CoreMedia, and Magnolia to compete for the title. After being chosen as the winner, Sales Director Camilla Simonsen stated We are so proud to keep this title and our trophy, which we have grown pretty fond of in the course of the last year. Now we get to keep it at least one more year!It wasn’t all about winning the trophy and title though. Just like last year, the conference provided a perfect blend of informal social events and exchange of industry knowledge in a fun environment. Siteimprove got to promote accessibility to industry peers, and we hope that by spreading the word, organisations will start realising that an accessible web is important.