Siteimprove Promotes From Within, Names New VP of Customer Success

By Siteimprove

sep. 08 2014

Image of Siteimprove employee Steve Hennings.

Software as a service (SaaS) company, Siteimprove, has named Steve Hennigs as their new Vice President of Customer Success. Hennigs has been with Siteimprove since opening their U.S. office in 2007 and previously occupied the role of Senior Product Specialist.

Hennigs will be heading up the newly created Customer Success Team, which will aim to bridge the gap between sales and support by providing ongoing customer communication, product on-boarding, and updates. The ultimate goal for Hennigs and Siteimprove will be to ensure that every customer is equipped with the knowledge, resources, and support that they need in order to get the most out of their investment.

“We’ve always provided a smooth on-boarding process for new customers, as well as thorough training and technical support,” said Hennigs. “However, it was important that we not leave any gaps in our customer communication. Now, instead of being reactive to customer questions and needs, we’re able to take that first step and help them identify actionable solutions to their unique challenges.”

Hennigs wants customers to know that his team is here to help them find the best use of the Siteimprove platform. From website management and maintenance duties, to SEO, analytics, and accessibility optimization, the Customer Success Team will be the first point of contact for customers.

Each Siteimprove customer will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager whom they can contact with any questions, technical issues, or ideas for tool improvements. “Knowing who to ask and where to find them will allow our customers to receive the specialized support that they deserve,” said Hennigs.

Though the team is only a few months old, they have already made a significant impact in the customer communication efforts, contacting and on-boarding nearly 20% of Siteimprove’s 2,000 existing clients.