Best Practices for Changing Blog Platforms

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By Siteimprove
ene. 14 2016 — Website Management, Website Redesign

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The idea of changing blog platforms can be extremely overwhelming, but don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be. The key to a successful transition is preparation.

Changing to a blog platform that better suits your team’s needs will definitely be worth it overall, because when you have the tools and features you need to publish great blog content, it will also be better for your audience.

Here are a few tips to get you through the transition without too many headaches:

Ensure content contributors and authors have proper training

A new platform means new and different features, a new login, and a new dashboard – all things your content contributors need to be comfortable with. In order to keep a seamless transition where you stick to your regular posting schedule, it is important that blog stakeholders have proper training and experience with the new platform before making the switch.

Assign roles for content migration

Sadly, all the wonderful blog content sitting in your current platform doesn’t magically move itself over to the new platform. You might first want to perform a content audit to determine what blog posts are worth transferring to the new blog platform, just as you would if you were going through a website redesign.

What posts have the most views? What posts have had the most interaction or have led to the most leads? What posts provide a great SEO benefit? These are the types of questions you should consider when evaluating what content is worth transferring. Then assign roles to team members to ensure each post will be populated in the new platform. If this is a task for more than one team member, ensure they meet and discuss points of consistency, accessibility, and SEO.

Redirect any RSS Feeds so you don’t lose subscribers

Whether your blog has a few or hundreds of subscribers, you don’t want to lose those dedicated, loyal readers. Ensure you redirect your RSS feed so they don’t miss a blogging beat!

Announce the change via social media and your newsletter

A different platform is going to potentially mean new features, ways to subscribe/unsubscribe, and you don’t want any of this to be overlooked by your blog readers. Announce the change on social media, make a short announcement in your newsletter, and ensure employees outside of the web team/marketing department know about the change.

So there you have it. If you are completely switching gears on how you create, edit, and post content, make sure the whole team is on board to have the most seamless transition possible.

P.S. Speaking of announcing your transition – we will be moving from our current platform to WordPress soon! Stay tuned for updates on when the transition will happen and how you can keep up with the Siteimprove blog. And if you’re like us and switching to WordPress, here is the best way to import content into Wordpress.

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