What is Digital Accessibility?

Web accessibility is a way of designing websites, tools, and technologies so that everyone, including people with disabilities, can use them as easily as possible. It is a key consideration for an inclusive brand and user experience.

Simply put, if your website is not accessible, you are excluding a significant percentage of your potential customers. 

How Accessible is Your Website Today?

Use our free Accessibility Checker to find accessibility issues on your top pages, and make the fixes you need for a more inclusive website.

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Stories From the Digital Divide

Play video Christine Hà

Christine Hà

Christine Hà is an American chef, writer, and TV host. She is the first blind contestant of MasterChef and the winner of its third season in 2012. Being blind, Christine relies strongly on accessible websites every day.

Play video Marc de Hond

Marc de Hond

Living in a wheelchair has never stopped Marc de Hond, a Dutch TV presenter, professional basketball player, and actor from accomplishing great things in life. Overcoming accessibility issues in both the physical and digital space, however, is a daily task.

Play video Kirsten Skov

Kirsten Skov

Age, hearing problems, and cognitive challenges often makes it difficult for Danish Tai Chi instructor Kirsten Skov to navigate the internet. But it doesn’t prevent her from practicing and teaching her life passion, Tai Chi.

Grow your customer base

There are over one billion people living with disabilities around the world who have an estimated spending power of more than $6 trillion. By building an accessible website, you are thereby widening your audience and increasing your prospective customers.


Create a smoother, usable brand experience

Customer experience is the biggest driver of consumer behavior. As businesses work to implement CX strategies with broad appeal, savvy brands are recognizing a powerful synergy: accessibility is synonymous with usability.

Get ahead of increasing regulation

Some countries have already taken steps towards regulating and enforcing web accessibility, mainly within the public sector. However, more countries are beginning to apply requirements on private businesses and organizations as well.

Build brand loyalty by meeting the demand for social responsibility

Your audience today consists of conscious consumers, meaning they support businesses who align with their values on social, environmental, and political issues. In a survey by Accenture, 51% of younger millennials said they would shop at a retailer that demonstrated an authentic commitment to inclusion and diversity, with regards to age, gender, ethnicity, and disability.