Unfold Search: discover your winning search marketing strategy

Sep 30 — Online

Are you planning your search marketing strategy for 2022? Let us help.

Join Mike Moran and other top search marketing leaders at the Unfold Search Summit on September 30, 2021 for 2.5 hours of expert insights and panel discussions.

What to expect at the Summit:

  • 2.5 hours of expert insights and panel discussions from search marketing leaders – diving into the hottest trends and topics in search marketing
  • Advice-packed keynote session on ‘Selling Search to C-level’ from search marketing expert and SoloSegment chief product officer Mike Moran
  • Actionable plans for building a strategy to hit your 2022 search marketing goals



16.15 CEST / 10.15 EST
Welcome to Unfold Search Summit
Speaker: Shane Paladin, CEO @ Siteimprove
Host: Timmy Nielsen, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Siteimprove

16.30 CEST / 10.30 EST
Selling Search for C-Suite
Keynote: Mike Moran, CPO @ SoloSegment

17.00 CEST / 11.00 EST
Building a Holistic Search Marketing Strategy
Speaker: Jason Douglas, Digital Marketing Sales Engineer @ Siteimprove

17.45 CEST / 11.45 EST
Save the children - A three year performance marketing journey
Speaker: Joakim Trolle SEO specialist @ Valtech

18.15 CEST / 12.15 EST
Panel discussion: Search Marketing Strategy for 2022
Panelists: Maria Eriksen-Jensen, Director of Global Digital and Demand @ Siteimprove | Dan Sitner, Digital Practice Director @ Siteimprove

By the end of the Summit, you’ll know:

- Why combining your SEO and SEM strategies leads to enhanced efficiency and better results
- How to measure the true ROI of search marketing
- The best way to get buy-in for your strategy from the C-suite


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Mike Moran

Chief Product Officer @ SoloSegment

Author or co-author of three books on digital marketing, Outside-In Marketing, Do It Wrong Quickly, and the best-selling Search Engine Marketing, Inc., Mike Moran is the Chief Product Officer at SoloSegment, martech software company that uses AI to predict the right content for visitors to large B2B websites.

Previously, Mike was a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. Mike has more than 30 years’ experience in AI, led the IBM product team that developed the first commercial linguistic search engine in 1989, and has been granted 12 patents. He managed Global Web Experience at ibm.com for eight years, pioneering IBM's initial SEO strategy, and served as product manager for IBM’s search and text analytics products.

Mike is a Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association, an instructor for the Rutgers University Executive MBA program, a Distinguished Instructor for Cal-Irvine, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. Mike has keynoted conferences worldwide on digital marketing technology for marketers, public relations specialists, market researchers, and technologists.

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