There’s no denying that working from home for long periods of time can get a little monotonous. Working from a home office means you don’t get as much back-and-forth with colleagues and it can be difficult to learn from others around you. Bluntly put, it’s easy to feel like you’re not being challenged or that you’re growing stagnant. 

To keep you inspired and learning new things, we’ve compiled a roundup of our most popular content in 2020 so far. 

1. Turning your 2020 marketing strategy into execution

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Now is an excellent time to look back on your 2020 marketing strategy. It’s very likely that it needs adjusting—both as the year and your team develop. The Harvard Business Review reports that the majority of global companies struggle to execute on their strategies, which begs the question: why the high failure rate? Well, research shows that it’s not usually the strategy that’s the problem, but rather the implementation. Get actionable steps on how to generate more value from your marketing strategy by creating a plan you can actually execute on. 

2. How to create a more customer-centric culture

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Even though your customers are at the heart of your businesses, it’s easy to lose focus of what matters most. Re-center your team and your company on the purpose of your business: addressing your customers’ needs and pain points. Read this blog post to get concrete steps on how your company can become more customer-centric, including everything from rethinking customer service, to educating your team on empathy.

3. How to scale high quality, personalized content

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If you’ve read blog post number two about becoming more customer-centric, then you’re ready to check out this blog post on creating personalized content for customers and prospects. A whopping 44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company. Dive into this post to learn more about how you can create that type of content—at scale. 

4. Customer acquisition strategies you should try in 2020

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If you’ve found customer acquisition difficult this year—you aren’t alone! Customer acquisition costs have increased by nearly 50% in the last five years. In this article, you’ll learn that customer acquisition is part lead generation and part customer retention. You need a healthy number of leads in your pipeline to keep growing, while also investing in your current customers. Learn how you can do exactly that in this post.

5. Why last-click attribution can damage your ads performance and what to do about it

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Have you been interested in learning more about PPC, but found it too intimidating to jump in to? Now is the perfect time to read up on PPC strategy and best practice. Check out this in-depth post to learn why last-click attribution models aren’t as straight forward as they seem

Bonus if you're in the EU: How to prepare your public sector website for the EU Web Accessibility Directive deadline

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In 2016, an EU-wide directive came into effect that standardized website accessibility in the public sector to ensure equal web access to information and services for everyone. The next phase on the horizon is making sure your legacy websites (sites published before September 23, 2018) meet the accessibility standards by September 23, 2020. Learn what that means for you and how to address it in this blog post.