Download Forrester's report, The ROI of SEO

"This report helps B2C marketing professionals make the case for investment in a holistic SEO program. It provides an ROI model for SEO using Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) framework."

Key takeaways

"B2C marketers struggle to model the ROI of SEO"

"The top challenge for marketers managing SEO is understanding return from their investment. Marketers must take a thorough look at the costs and benefits of SEO and show how it drives incremental value."

"Forrester’s TEI Framework helps marketers develop a business case"

"We present a model for capturing ROI that cuts through the complexity of SEO investments. It breaks down the benefits and costs while factoring in risks and flexibility."

"Customize the model to fit your organization’s context"

"The model is an interactive workbook that marketers can change to fit specific technology costs, website components, and objectives."