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Improve your digital patient experience

Attracting patients is more challenging than ever before. The global pandemic has caused patient expectations to shift, with more focus on exceptional, trustworthy digital experiences. That makes healthcare websites and their digital touch points an important competitive differentiator during the patient decision-making process.

1. Transform your digital patient experience

2. Optimize your marketing efforts to attract and convert visitors into patients

3. Streamline website management

What are your digital optimization priorities today?

Increase growth

Increase online patient acquisition to meet your hospital’s growth goals

Get your hospital to the top of search engine results and drive traffic by uniquely combining paid and organic search in a single solution.   

Transform your website into a top performer thanks to a single, easy-to-use platform that gives you a holistic overview and actionable insights for effective prioritization.   

Always stay on top of your digital marketing initiatives and quickly uncover optimization opportunities with intuitive reporting that connects metrics to business objectives.

Make data-driven decisions

Optimize the digital patient experience based on data and insights

Create meaningful, action-oriented patient journeys based on a deep understanding of their behavior and engagement.   

Build an accessible, inclusive website that exceeds visitor expectations and serves as a go-to-resource for current and prospective patients.   

Empower your team to deliver better experiences more efficiently by taking advantage of synergies across digital areas like digital accessibility, SEO, and website performance.   

Protect your brand and patients

Build a healthcare brand your patients trust and rely on

Deliver a coherent, trustworthy brand experience across all domains and teams by easily monitoring your website for violations of branding, style, or quality standards.    

Understand what your community cares about and searches for so you can provide relevant content that keeps your institute top of mind as the #1 healthcare choice.   

Minimize the risk of website-related data breaches and protect your organization and its patients through shared visibility and understanding of security best practices across teams.

How can we help your organization?