MarTech Virtual Conference

Oct 7 — Online

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Title – Get MarTech on your C-level’s agenda, hear how B&O and Siteimprove are doing it
Speakers – Maria Eriksen-Jensen, Director Digital & Demand (Siteimprove) and Tomas Antvorskov Krag, Director eCommerce (Bang & Olufsen)
Sessions description – The space we as Marketers are operating in is becoming increasingly complex; user journeys are intertwined and far from linear, and the digital ecosystem needed to support the business with data and ROI is constrained by technical debt and organizational structures. Delivering on commercial priorities is enabled (and disabled) by the MarTech stack you have in place, and the people and processes currently installed. But how do you communicate this to your CMO and CEO? And how do you commercially camouflage your technical strategy and priorities to get C-level buy in, and realistic budget and time?. In this session we will discuss and share examples of how B&O (Global high-end technology and design company) and Siteimprove (Global Digital Marketing SaaS company) have dealt with this, and are driving the executive MarTech agenda. We will share the journey we are on, and how we respectively have dealt with the challenge of making MarTech a commercial priority.

After this session you’ll be inspired to:
• Present MarTech storytelling to C-level
• Set up internal governance to manage
• How to strategically manage your backlog to drive business impact
• Input to your 2021 MarTech priors