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Eliminating Errors and Looking Ahead

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The Need

  • Fix broken images, misspellings, and 404 errors
  • Keep site content in line with brand policy
  • Analyze and update more than 20,000 retail product pages

The Process

  • Implemented Content Suite
  • Encouraged deeper use of Accessibility tool
  • Created custom policies to identify multiple retail-specific issues

The Results

  • 97% decrease in broken links over 3 months
  • 83% decrease in misspellings over 12 months
  • Saved time and money maintaining an error-free website


decrease in broken links over 3 months


decrease in misspellings over 12 months

The Full Story

Furniture retailer Structube implemented the Siteimprove Content Suite in the Fall of 2016 with one major goal in mind: ridding their website of errors and making sure that customers didn’t come up against missing images or broken links.

Structube realized that maintaining consistent quality across their retail site was just too big a job to handle manually. “We were looking for a solution to help us with the bounce rate on our site,” says Tony Trew, Structube’s Director of Marketing. “There were missing images on our site and that was causing a big problem for us. After the first Siteimprove demo we realized there were also a lot of misspellings and 404 errors.”

“There was an immediate result,” says Trew. “We were able to clean up our site and be confident that we weren’t delivering 404s or blank images. It was causing some real problems for our customers, and for our customer service. It was just night and day, having that security of knowing that your site is looking good.”

As a retailer in a highly competitive industry, Structube is well aware that a customer encountering an error page could be the difference between a sale and a bounce. “For us it was purely quality control. We’re held to a really high level. There’s a lot of attention paid to detail,” says Trew. “One of my main jobs is to make sure that the site is pretty much error-free and looking its best—and that the products are looking their best.”

The company maintains three versions of its e-commerce site, for Canadian, French-Canadian, and American customers, each with a different array of products and information. “If, say, the English US website is missing an image, or if we push a product online before it’s ready to be pushed, it can jumble up the images. Siteimprove is able to catch that,” says Trew.

The Outcome

Trew says the Siteimprove Content Suite has made a world of difference, both for him and for the company at large. “When I talk to other people, I tell them, ‘Listen, just for eliminating 404s, I would take it.’ It just gives such a bad impression of your brand if you bring someone to a 404 as their first experience.

Even after cleaning up their existing content, Structube continues to have plenty of use for Siteimprove. The company is in the midst of a major expansion of its product selection, including a number of new product categories. Once those changes have been made, they hope to start making more use of Siteimprove’s Accessibility functions to ensure that their messages are reaching users of all abilities.

“We don’t have the budget to have someone checking the site constantly,” says Trew. “We have checks in place for poor prices or missing descriptions, but only on the planning level. If an error gets pushed through to the live site, we can’t catch it without Siteimprove. Now I go onto Siteimprove, I take a screenshot, I send an email and it’s fixed within a few minutes. For me, just having that insurance is awesome.”