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Hamilton Bank

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The Need

  • Make site compliant with ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Eliminate errors during and after website redesign
  • Coordinate campaigns using analytics

The Process

  • Implemented Content and Analytics Suites
  • Identified and corrected multiple accessibility issues
  • Incorporated Analytics scans into site redesign

The Results

  • 93% decrease in accessibility issues over three months
  • 87% decrease in broken links over five days
  • Avoided potential litigation over accessibility compliance

reduction in accessibility issues since using Siteimprove

The Full Story

“In September of last year, we started hearing some information going around the Midwest about website accessibility and the threat of litigation,” says Sherri Wilson, Hamilton’s Director of IT. “At the same time, we were getting ready to sign a contract with our web developer to create a new website for us. We sat down with our web developer and went through what we wanted them to do for the new site, and one of the things was to make sure that the new site was at least AA compliant for accessibility.”

With the help of their own legal counsel, Hamilton Bank decided to seek out a tool to make sure the job of creating a more accessible website was done right.

“We looked at three different vendors, and we chose Siteimprove. I loved the dashboard and how it looked at broken links and misspellings and response time and all those things in addition to accessibility. One of the competitors that we looked at was strictly an accessibility firm and they made the changes for you. As much as many companies probably liked that, I didn’t. I liked the fact that somebody would report to us what the problem was, but that we would be in control of changing things.”

“It’s so intuitive, you almost don’t need training,” says Wilson. “You drill right to the error. I don’t know how else to describe it. My web developer, who made all the changes, had no issue working with it at all, and they had never worked with Siteimprove before.”

Wilson says she wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Siteimprove to other banks. “It was seamless implementation, it was fast and easy to get up and running. We got almost immediate feedback of what the site looked like, and then progressive feedback as we made changes. Plus, the dashboard is just phenomenal. It was the best move for us.”

The Outcome

Maryland-based Hamilton Bank began using Siteimprove in early 2017, with an eye toward eliminating accessibility issues as they launched a redesigned website. “Our old site had 33 of the higher-rated, A-level issues,” says Marketing Manager Lauren Lawder. “After the new site was launched and [IT Director] Sherri Wilson did a lot of work, those issues went down to two. For the month of July, they went down to zero.”

Hamilton has also relied on Siteimprove to get a better handle on analytics as the new site gets established. “It’s much easier to use than the Google Analytics package that I’m used to,” says Lawder. “It certainly has all the tracking capabilities, and it’s much more intuitive. I don’t have to think about it until I get the email notification. Then, I can go in and get the data that I need.”

“It’s been awesome for us being able to track and show that ‘This is where we came from, this is where we are,’” says Wilson. “I love the fact that it gives you details about the error and allows you to dig a little deeper. It highlights the actual trouble spots, so you can drill right in from the error page. It’s as easy as it could be.”

"The last report that we gave to our board, we had zero A issues, we had zero AA issues and we had something like two AAA issues." - Sherri Wilson, SVP Technology and Support


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