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D’Youville College

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What challenges did you face?

Before using Siteimprove, we had no real visibility of the errors on our site. While tools were available for link-checking, spell-checking, accessibility evaluation, and obtaining various inventories, they were often not comprehensive even in their single purpose. Additionally, our larger problem has been one that many other institutions face: lack of human resources that make consistent use of website maintenance tools.

Why Siteimprove?

This was a no-brainer. Finding a platform that provides a comprehensive feature set for maintaining our public websites was incredibly helpful. For smaller websites like ours, the cost was very reasonable. Our site has doubled in size in the last 18 months and I could not imagine doing it without Siteimprove.

How has Siteimprove helped you?

In the past, we relied heavily on the standard reports for notification purposes. Even if there was no time available, we could determine if an error was urgent enough and re-prioritize.

Recently, we’ve been able to start using the product more regularly by adding the necessary staff and using Siteimprove’s Quality Assurance feature as a training method. Now, all of the misspellings, potential misspellings, and link errors have been fixed and the web team has a better understanding of the site’s architecture conventions and presentation standards, as well as how to use OUCampus.

Utilizing Page Groups

We made page groups in Siteimprove to mirror contributor responsibility areas in OUCampus, about 30 in all, and Siteimprove’s reports serve as a prompt for contributors to be more invested in their areas. As we refine the contributor team and their roles, we’ll increase the frequency of the reports and include a Siteimprove component in contributor training.

We also delved into the Accessibility feature of Siteimprove for the first time and have corrected as many of the accessibility issues as possible with our current design architecture and styling. Siteimprove’s free web accessibility certification program provides the education needed to incorporate accessibility in our upcoming redesign of

The Response feature of Siteimprove has been incredibly helpful as well. The notifications are my best source for the network status as the web server sits behind the firewall. Having the monthly Response report provides our network administrator with a higher level of accountability.


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