Every organization works in its own way, with its own set of tools. Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve developed Connectors to integrate Siteimprove with the business applications you use every day. These pre-built integrations allow you to use Siteimprove’s data insights how it works best for you, no extra development work needed.

Tableau logo


Tableau’s data visualization capabilities work with Siteimprove insights to create an interactive way to share your data. With custom dashboards and multiple display options, you can now see your website’s results in a whole new light.

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Screenshot of a Tableau dashboard with Siteimprove data

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Cludo’s site search, analytics, and Intelligent 404 capabilities work in concert to give your visitors a more engaging, relevant, and seamless online experience. Used in combination, Siteimprove and Cludo give you a full, multi-angled look at your site’s customer engagement, areas for improvement, and overall health.

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Screenshot of Cludo's Search Analytics data, which can be directly shared with Siteimprove Analytics

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