When you think of the team it requires to make sure your website is accessible, what type of roles do you think of? CEO? Marketing manager? Maybe, but I’m guessing you think of content writers and graphic designers. However, that’s only part of the picture. Positions like marketing specialist, web manager, and yes—CEO—all contribute to the accessibility of your digital presence.

Siteimprove Academy’s role-specific course packages allow every job type to learn the areas of accessibility they are responsible for. Let’s explore the types of roles that might be involved in the accessibility of your digital presence:


Web accessibility affects every aspect of your digital presence and requires an organization-wide commitment. Managers and executive leadership can facilitate positive change by establishing processes that keep accessibility top of mind. This helps the different departments in your organization stay on the same page. 

How can Siteimprove Academy assist leadership with web accessibility?

Siteimprove Academy's Web Accessibility for Leadership course package covers topics like:

  • Leadership's role and responsibility when it comes to web accessibility 
  • Establishing accessibility as a priority within your organization
  • Purchasing accessible software and technology (such as screen readers and dictation software)
  • Addressing and responding to accessibility complaints

Web developers

People often think of accessibility as a content issue, but a fully-accessible digital presence starts from the ground up. Web developers create the templates and applications for websites like HTML, CSS integration, and script programming. Roles that fall under the web developer umbrella include:

  • IT specialist
  • Web administrator
  • Webmaster
  • Front- and back-end developer

How can Siteimprove Academy assist web developers with web accessibility?

Siteimprove Academy’s Web Accessibility for Web Developers course package covers subject areas like:

  • A web developer's role and responsibilities when it comes to web accessibility 
  • How to test for ADA compliance
  • How to test for Section 508 compliance
  • Keyboard navigation, helpful headings, and the ability to skip to main content on your site
  • How to add multiple ways for users to retrieve information from your site

Content Contributors

Content contributor refers to anyone that is creating or adding content that will be included on  your digital presence. Whether it’s your organization’s social media, blog, or content library, it’s a content contributor’s responsibility to ensure that the information is accessible by users of all abilities. Typical roles that fall under the content contributor umbrella include:

  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Instructional designer
  • Content manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Producer

How can Siteimprove Academy assist content contributors with web accessibility?

Siteimprove Academy’s Web Accessibility for Content Contributors and Designers course package covers subject areas like:

  • A content contributor's role and responsibilities when it comes to web accessibility
  • How to make accessible documents and PDFs
  • Disabilities to be aware of and how to create accessible content for them
  • Benefits of accessible content
  • Content readability and how to improve it
  • It also includes designer course material!


Designers are responsible for the layout, typography, and art of a website—making sure that the interface is inclusive and accessible. Most often, they design the concepts and pass them over to the web developer for implementation. Designers pay close attention to the style, placement, and color so that they enhance, not hinder, a user’s experience on your website. Designer roles may include:

  • Interface designer
  • Interaction designer
  • Graphic designer

How can Siteimprove Academy assist designers with web accessibility?

Siteimprove Academy’s Web Accessibility for Content Contributors and Designers course package covers subject areas like (also includes content contributor course material:

  • A designer's role and responsibilities when it comes to web accessibility 
  • How design impacts accessibility and usability
  • Accessible multimedia
  • How to evaluate compliance

Accessibility Champions

Just as accessibility is integral to a physical building’s success, accessibility is becoming increasingly integral to an organization’s digital success. As demonstrated in this blog post, accessibility is a multilayered process that requires a variety of efforts and skillsets, including:

  • Designers
  • Content contributors
  • Leadership
  • Web developers

Siteimprove Academy's Accessibility Champion course package includes all subject areas, so no skill falls through the cracks. Now, everyone has the potential to become an Accessibility Champion. 


Accessibility is no small undertaking and requires the contributions of nearly every area of your business, which is why Siteimprove Academy features single-user course packages for every role on your team. Roles of every type can learn about the areas of accessibility that pertain to their job and do it at their own pace.

"I appreciate how the courses used videos to increase awareness of the types of accessibility issues people face, educated us on the history of making websites accessible, and easily made the case for us to step up and create web design that can be accessed by everyone using our product/service. I especially liked the design of the exercises and final assessment."

-Siteimprove Academy user


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