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Activity Plans are your personal SEO toolbox that collects all relevant insights in one place. From now on, you’ll work smarter, not harder, to get in front of the right audience.

 Screenshot of an exemplary Activity Plan with highlighted Competitor, Keyword Monitoring, and Target Page Metrics

Your Personal SEO Ground Control

Keeping up with changing algorithms, day-to-day improvements, and reporting schedules are demanding. Even if you’re an SEO expert yourself, processes are often spanning different tools, people, and departments. Siteimprove Activity Plans are your one-stop-shop for SEO, tying together key areas to improve search engine performance. Resolve on-page issues, monitor keywords, analyse competitors, optimize content, and prove ROI all from one place.  

Screenshot of exemplary Activity Plans for a bank covering Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Mortgages

Flexible, Custom-Tailored Workflows

One-size fits all will ever work for SEO. With Siteimprove, you can create different Activity Plans for different product categories, departments, or regions to establish clear responsibilities and divide workload more easily between teams. As you rise above the ranks, you compare results and always keep the overview across all your SEO initiatives. Say goodbye to your spreadsheet collection and start working more efficiently to improve your site’s visibility and ranking.

Screenshot of an exemplary detail page for the Content Optimization component

All Key Insights at Your Fingertips

Every Activity Plan consists of five customizable components for full control of the most critical SEO areas:

  • Keyword Monitoring to track relevant keywords and their performance
  • Focus Issues to keep tabs on and resolve high-priority on-page issues
  • Competitor Analysis to understand how you perform compared to key search competitors
  • Content Optimisation to hone content with both users and search engines in mind
  • Target Page Metrics to measure organic search traffic and conversion

Drill down into each component to receive additional insights and practical recommendations that help you increase organic search traffic.

Build Your Own Activity Plan

Keyword Monitoring

First things first: Build your own keyword portfolio based on a product, project, or specific part of your website. With a few clicks, you start monitoring your most important search terms and can:

  • Identify traffic-driving keywords as well as top-converting, long-tail keywords
  • Track and compare keywords for multiple geographic locations or device types
  • Filter keywords based on search volume, position, or competition and evaluate the performance of individual keywords over time
  • Keep an eye on search trends and adjust your strategy according to which keywords gain and lose traction
Screenshot of the keyword monitoring tool including keywords plotted on a graph with two axis, search volume and ranking position

Focus Issues

Based on the result of 60+ automated diagnostic checks, you choose which on-page issues need immediate attention or simply pick the ones you’re most comfortable working with. No matter what you decide, you can now focus your efforts where it’s most effective:

  • Add key issues to your individual Activity Plan to make sure nothing falls through the cracks again
  • Easily divide the workload within your team, based on four categories: Technical, Content, User Experience, and Mobile
  • Track and demonstrate progress with Siteimprove’s unique DCI scoring system
Screenshot of the Focus Issues overview including an overall progress graph

Competitor Analysis

Knowing who you’re up against is a fundamental building block of every good strategy. SEO is no different and companies with an international presence know all too well how difficult it can be to keep track of competitors across products, segments and markets. Siteimprove’s Activity Plans are built with this challenge in mind:

  • Get updated competitor suggestions based on the keywords you’re monitoring
  • Choose the most relevant search competitors for each Activity Plan and see how you compare against them, for certain keywords
  • Monitor ranking changes for target pages to identify new opportunities or threats and uncover your rival’s latest moves
Screenshot of the Competitor Analysis tool comparing visitor traffic for exemplary search market players

Content Optimisation

The wheels turn fast in the world of SEO. Content that is search-friendly one day may be outdated on another. Ongoing optimisation of on-page copy and code that is built into your daily work routine is, therefore, key to long-term success. With your personal Activity Plan, you can get started in no time:

  • Analyse and optimise meta content, headers, and other issues impacting your ranking
  • Automatically map relevant keywords to the right page elements based on best practice recommendations
  • Find competing or duplicate content to minimise the risk of ranking or traffic loss

Once you’ve identified what to optimise, you can jump right into your CMS and watch your SEO Score climb with each content issue you fix.

Screenshot of the Target Page Optimisation overview highlighting detected content issues

Target Page Metrics

Driving more organic traffic to your website is a good start but typically not the end goal. Whether your SEO efforts are paying off and only clear once your visitors are actually on your site: Are they taking the actions you want them to ultimately? Integrating Siteimprove Analytics into your Activity Plans allows you to connect the dots with ease:

  • Set-up custom KPIs and understand the real impact of SEO on conversion rates and other metrics that matter
  • Accurately measure ROI by attaching a monetary value to your SEO efforts
  • Make better, data-driven decisions with target page highlights like visits, page views, and bounce rates
Screenshot of the Target Page Metrics Overview showcasing data on completions, visits, bounce rate, and more
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