Content Inventory

Siteimprove Accessibility

Audit customer-facing content against meaningful metrics at the click of a button to stay on top of all your website assets and visibility.

In-tool screenshot showing a list of documents, document size, clicks on documents, status, pages, referring PDF’s and last modified date.

Perform meaningful content audits on all your website assets with usage data

Having a content inventory is one thing but being able to conduct a meaningful audit with that information is another.

Content Inventory uses Analytics integration to map usage data to content types. Users can quickly analyse pages, documents, videos and image content performance with clicks, plays and page view numbers. The Content Inventory also highlights visibility and usability issues with page scores, metadata, last modified date, size, referrers and more.

All Content Inventory assets illustrated in one graph.

Monitor and document content progression over time in one graph

Spot peaks and dips in your content assets to alert content managers to delivery issues that impact your website.

Document events with graph annotations to explain significant changes in content asset totals.

In-tool screenshot illustrating that Content Inventory can be exported with the click of a bottom to PDFs or HTML.

Easy export to PDF and CSV

Export to CSV to build comprehensive or targeted inventory and audit reports to share with internal and external stakeholders.

Export all data tables and graphs to share like-for-like snapshots of the platform in PDF.

What content can I track in the Inventory?

Web pages and assets are crawled in full on a five-day cycle and can be rechecked manually at any time.

Content Inventory lists and tracks the following items:

  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Personal ID numbers
  • Meta tags
  • Capture tags
  • Pages (page score, referrer, page views)
  • Links (HTTP status, clicks, pages, referring PDF’s)
  • Documents incl. PDFs, Word, Excel, PPT and XML
  • Media files
  • JavaScript files
  • CSS files
  • Trademarks
  • Site content tree (Sitemap)
  • Link text
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