Broken Links

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Don’t let broken links kill conversions and jeopardise your website’s integrity. Effortlessly identify and fix broken links that threaten your business goals.

In-tool screenshot illustrating the Siteimprove Broken Links module. It shows the number of broken links, clicks, page views, on page highlighting and trend graphs.

Solve the impossible task of keeping on top of broken links

Broken links to content and assets create a poor user experience, hijack conversions, and leave an unprofessional impression of your brand. Our broken links feature allows you to:

  • Get a complete overview of all internal and external broken links affecting your entire web presence
  • Prioritise fixing broken links based on user-visibility insights such as the number of page views, clicks and coverage
  • Easily locate broken links in context on the page with intuitive content and source code highlighting
  • Measure performance over time with detailed history graphs to track progression, document trends and landmarks

Overview of all broken links in PDFs and on-page highlighting.

PDFs free of broken links with regular document checking

Broken links in PDFs compromise quality when they link to outdated or broken resources. Ensure PDF credibility with regular automated document link checking with content and source code highlighting.

Illustration of the unsafe domains feature, illustrating that there is no malware, phishing or unwanted software found.

Are you putting your organization and users at risk with links to unsafe domains?

Don’t compromise your website’s and customers’ security with malicious links. All your links are scanned against Google’s regularly updated Safe Browsing API. Links to malware, phishing and unwanted software domains are flagged on the page so you can quickly identify and remove them.

How does the Broken Links feature work?

Web pages and assets are crawled in full on a five-day cycle and can be rechecked manually at any time. Each link request that returns an erroneous link status is logged with the accompanying HTTP status in the platform.

To improve report accuracy, broken links are systematically rechecked between crawl cycles to ensure that issues are permanent and not temporary.

Deeplink from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform to your CMS or use the CMS plugin to resolve HTML link issues as you discover them efficiently.

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