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reduction in broken links and misspelling since using Siteimprove


broken links and misspellings

What were your biggest website challenges before purchasing Siteimprove?

When we demoed Siteimprove, a few really embarrassing shortcomings came to light— it was just awful. We have about 300 pages on our customer-facing site. That’s a lot of content! With that many pages and the number of associates who edit the site, there’s no way I can proof everything, but now Siteimprove helps me do that.

Can you give an example of how Siteimprove helps you manage important links on your website?

I love the Inventory component in Quality Assurance. Before Siteimprove, I tried to keep track of all of our ads manually for a 300+ page site. Trying to remember where certain ads were so we could replace or update them was a challenge. For example, we received the Forbes “Most Trustworthy Company” designation in 2014 and 2015, and they advised us the link could change, and they weren’t under any obligation to tell us. We were supposed to update it when it did. When the link changed, Siteimprove let me know, and the Inventory component helped us easily find all of the instances of the ad and update the link.

How has your experience been with the Siteimprove Analytics Suite compared to other Analytics tools?

We were looking for something better for analytics. After seeing a demo of the Siteimprove Analytics Suite, we knew we had found it. Siteimprove makes analytics easy. Event Tracking is an awesome component that helps us see what people are clicking on and how they’re getting to us. Having this information helps us make better decisions about campaigns, guide the user’s journey through our site, and alert us to which pages need changes.

It’s obvious Siteimprove puts a lot of thought into the product and its users’ needs. There have been several enhancements to the tool even since I’ve been using it. There are features that come out and I think, “Oh, this is a good idea! I didn’t even know I needed that!”

Siteimprove analytics dashboard showing busey bank's website data

“Siteimprove has so many well-thought-out tools—even if you use just one portion, your website will be better.”

How has Siteimprove helped you resolve issues quickly during an audit of your systems?

We had an audit of our business systems, including our account platform and our website. The auditors were looking for security issues and things that could be a problem, like a customer sending sensitive data via email or a hole in our system that would make it vulnerable.

During the audit, they noticed we had email addresses on the website that didn’t have speedbumps - i.e., nothing saying, “Hey, don’t send personal information through email. It’s not secure.” While the auditors were still here and evaluating other issues, we used the Inventory component to find every single email address on the site and add a speed bump, resolving the issue even before the auditors left. That was amazing.

How does Siteimprove help you meet financial compliance regulations?

Our compliance team can easily monitor our site using the Policy feature. They particularly dislike the word “free,” because if used incorrectly, it can be deceptive to customers. To ensure our compliance, they added Policy on Siteimprove to show instances of the word “free” on our site. Our compliance department was pretty thrilled about that.

What is the return on investment for your organization?

By choosing Siteimprove, we replaced two vendors: one for SEO and one for analytics. Our previous vendors didn’t have any support. If I had a question, I was left hanging because their “expert” didn’t necessarily know the answers. Within days of getting Siteimprove I was able to do things I’d been wanting to do, like restricting analytics from counting our associates’ clicks and measuring the efficacy of certain campaigns. Measurement is very important to Busey and the Siteimprove Analytics Suite is a great way to demonstrate the value our online channel provides.

"Measurement is very important to Busey, and Siteimprove Analytics is a great tool for demonstrating the value that our online channel provides." - Erin Brownlow, Assistant Vice President & Sales Manager 

What would you tell another financial institution that is considering Siteimprove?

I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a website and not have Siteimprove. I love to share the story about the auditors because it’s a great example of how Siteimprove saved the day. With Siteimprove, other financial institutions would also be able to take care of their web and compliance issues before auditors visit them. Siteimprove has so many well-thought-out tools; even if you use just one feature, your website will be better. From the demo, to onboarding, to ongoing support, working with the Siteimprove team has been a fantastic experience.


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