Discover new ways to visualise your Siteimprove data with Klipfolio’s customisable dashboards. Monitor your website’s performance with standard data visualisations, or get creative and build your Klipfolio dashboards.

Klipfolio is a software company empowering over 10,000 customers to build their dashboards and reports. The Klipfolio-Siteimprove Connector allows you to see your website's data in combination with other business metrics, so you get the insights you need to improve and optimise for continually.

  • Monitor your website's performance directly from your Klipfolio dashboards
  • Include your website's data and performance in your Klipfolio reports
  • Discover the benefits of combining your website's performance with other business metrics

You can create custom API queries to pull in data from your Siteimprove account and build out custom visualizations in Klipfolio. Here you can learn how.