In today’s digital world, we are constantly met with new data and so many metrics to track that it becomes hard to really knowHow impactful is your website?

Behind the Score 

Combining continuous market research and practical experience from industry-leading experts around the globe, the Siteimprove Digital Certainty Index (patent pending) allows organisations to see a clear and objective representation of how their digital presence is performing. Rather than navigating in and out of windows and digesting obscure charts and disconnected data points, all relevant factors pertaining to your website are combined into one simple score that embodies the strength of your digital presence.

Based on a scale of 0 to 100, a site’s DCI Score is comprised of detailed sub-scores: Quality Assurance, SEO, and Accessibility. Each score gives you a comprehensive overview of your website’s status, and offers exact recommendations on how and where to improve your overall score. With this, you know at a glance how much work there is to be done in each crucial area of your website:

Quality Assurance

This score demonstrates a website’s credibility and dependability regarding its user-facing aspects: Content Quality, Content Freshness, User Experience, and Security. Your Quality Assurance Score is determined by a host of factors, including misspellings, broken links, page load time, and unsafe domains.


This score measures how well the user-facing and technical aspects of a site contribute to search engine optimisation, and ultimately, higher rankings and organic traffic. Your SEO Score is comprised of factors like indexability, meta content quality, responsiveness of the mobile site, and more.


This score measures how well a website tests against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0.).Your Accessibility Score considers page elements and PDF issues like missing headings, images without alt text, and more, separated into three WCAG levels (A, AA, AAA).

Why Does It Matter?

When we set smaller goals to accomplish a greater one, it fosters motivation and productivity. DCI’s point-based scoring system allows teams to prioritise in a way that is both efficient and fun.

Much like successfully achieving a goal creates a rush of determination and excitement, your Digital Certainty Index score is designed to inspire the same kind of feeling. Improving your website becomes more rewarding and transparent than ever before.

What It Means For You and Your Team 

As anyone who manages a website knows, keeping up with online trends is a full-time job in and of itself. The Digital Certainty Index scoring model is routinely adjusted to reflect today’s dynamic digital environment so you can stay ahead of today’s biggest website challenges.

With your DCI Score lighting the way, you and your team can receive constant, up-to-date, and automatic feedback that allows everyone to see the significance of their contributions. No matter if your team is just one person or 15, you can create a sense of belonging, achievement, and recognition—boosting your team’s productivity and performance and, ultimately, strengthening your overall digital presence.

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