Getting an effective digital analytics process in place is a common challenge faced by many organizations. It’s often a problem of not understanding what an effective process looks like, or knowing what’s needed to carry that process out.

This leads to the wrong resources being used, essential steps being passed over, and/or underestimating the amount of resources needed to get this right. In the upcoming webinar, we’ll take a look at the three main activities an organization must perform for effective digital analysis and the three skills needed to perform those activities well. By attending this webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of how to implement a process that works and the resources needed to do so.

So let’s start by introducing the three activities and resources are needed, regardless of the digital channel you are looking to analyze (website, blog, social, etc).


  1. Data Capture
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Data Reporting


  1. Leadership
  2. Web Analyst
  3. Front End Developer

Simple right? Well let’s take a bit of a deeper look at what each of these really mean starting with the resources. Once those are defined, we can review the activities and the roles each resource plays. An important thing to remember with the resources is that they don’t need to be three different people. One person can fulfil multiples roles if they have the proper set of skills. Also, the resources do not always need to be internal to your organization. An external provider may be able to fill one or more of these roles for you.


This person confirms the strategy for analyzing the channel. They don’t need to have a full blown understanding of digital analytics, but a high level knowledge is helpful. What they do need to have is a full understanding of your organization’s goals, and how digital fits in to those goals. They also need the authority to make decisions around the website.


This is the person actually working with the data and making recommendations. They need a full understanding of digital analytics and the tool(s) being used. They should also have a good understanding of the organization’s goals.

Front-end developer

This person needs to be able to carry out front end development work, especially around JavaScript. They also need a good understanding of the analytics tool(s) that your organization has chosen.

Now that we have a high level understanding of the resources we need it is time to have a look at the activities in a little more detail.

Data Capture

This is the act of determining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the channel that you’ll be analyzing, and then implementing your analytics tool to track those items effectively. Each resource plays a role here.

  • The Analyst will recommend what to track
  • Leadership will decide what to track
  • The Front End Developer will implement the tracking

Data Analysis

This is where the Analyst will dive into the gathered data in an attempt to make some sense of it all. They’ll need to review the KPIs and use solid segmentation to ultimately recommend how the organization should improve upon the current performance. The Analyst is the only resource required for this activity.

Data Reporting

Here the Analyst will take their findings and turn them into something that Leadership can understand and, ultimately, use to make decisions. It’s not enough to report on basic things like monthly visits; there must be some recommended actions from the Analyst in order for anything meaningful to come out of the report. Leadership must then review the recommendations, and implement any changes or projects that are necessary for improvement. After that, the whole cycle starts over again.

It’s not easy getting an effective digital analytics program off the ground if you don’t have a good framework established. By making sure that you have the appropriate resources performing the necessary activities mentioned above, your organization has a much better chance at being successful.

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