At Siteimprove, we work with numerous talented web professionals across a variety of industries. In this series, we hope to inspire digital success through best practices from our customers, who are dominating the digital world with new, unique approaches to web management strategies at their organizations. In these blog posts, you can learn from your peers and apply new techniques to your own website.

In this Peer Perspective post, we’re focusing in on the e-commerce sector by taking a look at the importance of quality and accuracy for Jasco Products, a General Electric (GE) licensed dealer. While Jasco Products initially set out to find an automated solution to help assist with quality, they found value in implementing a full web management strategy.

Unique Website Goals

Jasco Products may not be a well-known name, but with an array of GE-licensed products from surge protectors to floral LED night lights and products stocked in stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, many consumers have seen their products in store. Being a GE-licensed seller creates a unique relationship with both distributors and consumers, which in turn leads to unique website goals.

“The main goal of our website is to support what we sell. We sell a lot of products, but some people will buy our products in store and then come to our site,” said Anthony King, Web Administrator at Jasco Products. “For example, someone might buy a surge protector in store, but they’ll come to our website to register it.”

With home automation on the rise, Jasco also has four microsites to provide more resources and information on how consumers can implement automation in their homes using products Jasco sells. They also have two additional microsites to cover topics related to the products they sell.

“A lot of our content on the microsites is focused on home automation, which is up and coming,” said King. “The purpose is to inform customers on how to use products in their house – and then learn about the best products we have to offer.”

ROI in Quality Assurance

When the Jasco team set out to find an automated quality solution to check for things like misspellings and broken links, King knew that this was an extremely important part of their overall digital strategy.

“For us being a licensing company with GE, a lot of people don’t know what Jasco is,” King said. “So our website is a first impression for them, and we want to give them a well put together website. Siteimprove gives us a tool to improve our overall impression for consumers.”

Since Jasco’s main website is a first impression for many consumers, the quality assurance return on investment (ROI) is invaluable for them. The importance of providing a good user experience with no broken links or misspellings is something that King knows is crucial. After all, a study

found that 91% of users don’t trust a website that has errors or mistakes.

Another aspect of broken links for Jasco is the e-commerce portion. Not only do broken links cause a poor user experience, but if it causes an issue with shopping online, then organizations are possibly missing out on revenue. While Jasco doesn’t get a lot of sales per day, having a working shopping cart link is still important.

“There was one link that was broken and was showing up on every single page. It was the cart link,” King said. “It didn’t really impact our sales, but it made us look bad. So that was important to identify and fix right away.”

With significant relationships with GE and distributors like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, as well as maintaining a good experience for consumers, quality will remain one of the most important aspects of Jasco’s website. The ROI comes down to maintaining these relationships and ensuring consumers can access information and purchase products online.

ROI in Response

When your site has information for consumers who are trying to research, purchase, or register a product, downtime should be avoided at all costs. King said it was helpful to have an automatic way to know about the state of, even on a weekend when he wouldn’t normally be checking the site.

“I wouldn’t have even known about the site going down because it was a Sunday morning,” King said. “I got a text message [from Siteimprove] saying our site was down and I was able to get in touch with our developer to fix the issue.”

With at least 10 online orders and more than 3,000 visits to their site each day, King said it is crucial to ensure visitors are able to access information.

“It’s important to have as little downtime as possible because annually we have 1.2 million visitors and are starting to generate even more traffic as we’ve built our blog over the past year,” King said. “We want to ensure they are able to access the site and information they need at all times.”

The ROI in having minimal downtime is the value of having information available to every web visitor, no matter what time or day of the week it is. Even 30 minutes of downtime means approximately 125 website visitors cannot access the information they want/need or make purchases on Jasco’s website. That’s why Jasco does everything they can to prevent a frustrating experience for their web visitors by being immediately alerted of downtime.

The Solution

Having a quality control process and minimal downtime are two of the main concerns for Jasco. But, as they start to work toward a more accessible website and focus on search engine optimization (SEO), King knows there is value in using Siteimprove as a solution to maintaining a great user experience on their site.

“SEO is a big thing we are trying to work on this year,” King said. “I’m looking forward to tackling issues within the SEO and Accessibility tools.

That’s where a full web management strategy comes in for every type of organization – from e-commerce sites to universities to government institutions. While certain aspects of managing a website take priority over others, Jasco Products is a great example of how a robust web strategy produces the best user experience.

What else can we learn from Jasco? That there is ROI in taking time to implement a strategy for working toward digital certainty. Maybe it isn’t monetary for every organization, but as demonstrated by Jasco, maintaining quality in everything they do online is crucial.