Website analytics influences some of the most important decisions at an organization. It drives website redesigns, content creation, campaigns, and more. So between understanding visitor journeys, advertising ROI, bounce rates, and everything in between, how does a person or team have time for it all? Make life a little bit easier with these simple ways to find time for analytics.

Set Up Automatic Reports

If you’re truly going to make time for analytics, your process needs to be as effective as possible. By setting up automated reports, that’s one less to-do item every week or month—and you just saved yourself a significant amount of time. However, those automated reports will only mean something if they’re aligned with your organization’s business objectives. You don’t need the same old heaps of data delivered to you directly; you need targeted information that maximizes efficiency.

Get on Board with Data Democratization

Managing website analytics can be overwhelming for one person. And the fact of the matter is that many people in your organization care about the website. Data democratization is simpler than it sounds; it’s a collaborative approach to analytics that gives cross-departmental teams access to the data that matters to them. By setting up appropriate groups, filters, and permissions within your analytics tool, you give other people visibility into what they need to know. This way, they are better equipped for their own day-to-day work and have access to answers immediately. Not only that, they’ll be prepared for recurring analytics meetings—your next simple fix.

Schedule Recurring Team Time

It’s easy to let time slip away. Pretty soon you’ve lost sight of your website goals and KPIs, and you’re at Square 1 with too much data and not enough direction. Schedule a recurring meeting that is dedicated solely to analytics. Invite your team members and those key stakeholders with analytics access to ask questions and brainstorm KPIs and key metrics. Everyone will gain better insight into how the website is performing, increasing transparency across the board.

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