Understanding Digital Certainty

Managing your digital presence is a complex task. As the number of pages, pieces of content, and users increase, you’ll quickly find it’s difficult to keep up with quality and reporting on your site.

Digital certainty means knowing that your digital presence operates as intended across all channels. Put simply, it means feeling confident that your organization’s online presence is error-free, consistent, and accessible everywhere.

Why It Matters

As online requirements expand, your digital presence will only become more important to the success of your brand and overall business. Factors like updated accessibility standards and high visitor expectations can make a significant difference in the creation of your digital strategy.

Using user experience as an example, we can see right away how uncertainty can affect your organization’s success. Everything from page response time to content quality influences how visitors interact with your site—and the impression they take with them when they leave. In fact, 88% of users abandon a site after a poor digital experience. If it is difficult (or impossible) for visitors to find what they need, they’re more likely to both leave your site and carry that negative experience into their next interaction with your brand.

From an even more critical standpoint, knowing the status of your online presence can help you mitigate the risk of legal actions, or even the unwanted release of sensitive information. With a strategy to both understand the scope of your digital presence and to quickly correct issues that may arise, you can protect your organization from a number of serious complications. 

What You Can Do

As anyone who has managed a website knows, even seemingly small issues take time to fix. Don’t get overwhelmed counting the hours it would take to manually correct problems across your entire digital presence. Instead, focus on the solution.

The first step toward digital certainty is understanding the current status of your organization’s online presence. A content inventory can help you make more informed decisions about website structure, content quality, and more.

Another aspect of digital certainty is knowing how visitors interact with your site. By understanding visitor behaviour, you can provide users with a more effective, and more positive, experience overall.

When you operate with digital certainty, it is easier to manage time and resources and to resolve issues efficiently. You can also be certain about the quality, consistency, and impact of your online presence.

See how the Siteimprove Digital Certainty Index can sum it all up in a single number:

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