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Ready to Get More Out of Your Google Ad Spend?

Siteimprove Ads makes time-consuming ad optimisation fast and easy, with insights that actually impact bottom line results. Automated audits and practical recommendations let you focus on strategy and growth, not day-to-day tweaks. Align internal and external teams by providing a clear path for optimising and refreshing ads. Simply connect your Google Ads account, set target thresholds, and start optimising without wasting hours sifting through irrelevant data.

Optimise ads to drive more traffic

Easily identify which campaigns need attention and prioritise accordingly. Siteimprove Ads demystifies Google’s Quality Score and highlights its impact on a campaign, ad group, and keyword level. Understand how ad relevancy, expected click-through-rate (CTR), and landing page experience influence your ad cost— and where you might be missing out on valuable clicks. Smart recommendations help you turn insights into actions, so you can start optimising your ads for more traffic at lower costs.

Find out how you can lower your Ads cost by improving your Quality Score

Optimise landing pages to increase conversions

A landing page is your one opportunity to make a good impression and convert traffic. Siteimprove Ads automatically provides you with a prioritised list of conversion blockers. By connecting Siteimprove Analytics, you can use Heat Maps to understand visitor behaviour on each landing page. Prioritise issues based on severity level, then jump directly into your CMS to tweak landing pages and boost conversion rates.

Start creating higher converting landing pages

Optimise budgets to make every dollar count

Knowing which segment of your ad spend is paying off and which isn’t can be tiresome. Siteimprove Ads automatically highlights campaigns headed in the right direction and alerts you to the ones that need attention. Assess your total ad spend and see where you might be wasting time and money. Detect top-performing and non-converting keywords and get practical recommendations for improvements to discuss with your team or agency. Start distributing your budget more efficiently and make sure you get more for your money.

Learn how you can get more out of your investment

Insights Stream

When optimizing paid search, there are many different actions to choose from and understanding where to start or how to make the biggest impact is challenging. Siteimprove’s Insights Stream analyzes your Ads data and provides you with an overview of the most impactful actions, so you don’t need to do any complex data analysis and can quickly get on course to drive higher return on investment.

  • Get a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the most impactful or easiest to implement actions across budget analysis, keyword performance, landing page, and quality score optimization
  • Increase efficiency by focusing your time where it really matters
  • Take advantage of the Insights Stream out-of-the-box, or customize your feed further for thresholds specific to your business

Quality Score Analysis

When talking paid search, there is no getting around Google's Quality Score. Not only does it evaluate the quality and relevance of both your keywords and ads, it also plays a crucial role in determining your cost per click (CPC). By optimising your Quality Score, you’re setting yourself up for higher return on investment.

Siteimprove Ads analyses your Quality Score on three different levels: Ad Relevance, Expected Click-Through-Rate, and Landing Page Experience. At a glance, you can:

  • Assess Quality Score impact at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level
  • Spot which keywords and ads have potential to save you money by the click
  • Learn what you should do to improve your Quality Score
  • Monitor Quality Score changes and cost savings/penalties over time

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing pages are your lead capture powerhouse. To get the most out of them, it’s crucial to follow landing page best-practice and create pages that connect with your ad groups and provide a seamless experience for your visitors.

Siteimprove Ads automatically identifies 40+ conversion blockers and categorises them based on severity level so you can easily prioritise and delegate optimisation tasks. It also allows you to:

  • Get an overview of all your landing pages, their referring ads, and performance
  • Identify high priority landing pages that need immediate attention
  • Integrate Siteimprove Analytics and Heat Maps to understand visitor behavior

Budget Analysis

Getting the most out of your digital advertising budget often requires hours of manually analysing pivot tables and spreadsheets. But you don’t have to work that way. With Siteimprove, you can automatically audit your ad budget and see where you’re wasting money and where you should boost spend. Budget Analysis makes manual reporting a thing of the past by:

  • Precisely highlighting which part of your ad investment is justified or needs review
  • Quickly identifying converting and non-converting keywords
  • Providing clear keyword recommendations for smarter budget allocation