What is Digital Accessibility?

The concept of accessible web design and development ensures easy to access online—be it unassisted or through assistive technologies—for people of all abilities. Whether someone has a cognitive disability that requires simple content and navigation, or a blind user utilises a screen reader to read a web page, there are many reasons to make your digital presence accessible.

Why Accessibility Matters

The importance of digital accessibility goes beyond legal regulations. With nearly 20% of the population living with a disability, web accessibility has become a major focus for organisations worldwide.

But designing an accessible digital presence isn’t only about people with disabilities using your website with ease. While 71% of web users with a disability will leave a website that is not accessible, users without disabilities find accessibility features help them navigate your site more effectively. When you maintain an accessible digital presence, all your visitors benefit.

Inclusive Design

With inclusive design, your website is effective for all users, all the time, without adaptation. Regular accessibility checks can provide you with the information you need to create and maintain an inclusive web presence.

Better UX

An accessible digital presence means people of all abilities can use your website as intended. With special attention to navigation, ease of use, text clarity, and more, accessibility best practices benefit all users.


As a growing amount of legislation around the world requires organisations to follow a unified set of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), we provide the resources you need to create an inclusive digital presence.

How Accessible is Your Website Today?

Use our free Accessibility Checker to find accessibility issues on your top pages, and make the fixes you need for a more inclusive website.

Check your site’s accessibility

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